IS ether elixir™ LIKE KOMBUCHA?

Kinda. But better…because I made it, and I tend to be a real show-off. But also because it has 16 times the probiotic count than the leading kombucha.


ether elixir™ is more similar to traditional dairy-based kefir due to its being infused with controlled strains of beneficial bacteria and yeasts. I just use 100% organic juice instead of milk! You’re welcome vegans & non-dairy drinkers!


Kombucha, on the other hand, is made from fermented tea, added sugar, and a big mushroom/alien/fungal/bacteria situation called “the mother” (yikes!) It certainly has a healthy, hippie element to it, but most commercially-sold kombucha is up to 95% water by volume, and because it isn’t made using controlled probiotics, it is incredibly difficult to determine the actual strains of bacteria and yeast that are present.


But I don’t knock kombucha. It’s tasty and I love when bars around me have it on tap so I can pretend to be one of those cool beer-drinking chicks (when really I am a probiotic obsessed, occasional hard-cider if the place has good fries, type of chick) – it’s just kombucha is not where I choose to source, reliable, multi-strain live probiotics.