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WHY ether elixir™?

There are SO many reasons. Where do I start?


Probiotics, y’all. Probiotics – you know, as in the billions that are in ether elixir™ – are good for your gut. And your gut health is critical to your overall health. Don’t take my word for it. The World Health Organization says so too.

ether elixir™ is a reliable way to consume large doses of LIVE & ACTIVE probiotics without the need for expensive freeze-dried (read: not ALIVE) supplements. In my own trials, even the $60 refrigerated probiotics at major health food stores are often no longer alive and therefore largely ineffective. Ouch. In fact, most probiotic manufacturers will readily admit that the quantity of probiotics listed on the package is prior to being freeze-dried, and that only a certain percentage of that amount are expected to come back to life once ingested. And that’s assuming that the product was handled properly in transit and storage prior to being placed on the shelf.   It’s a tall order, folks.

You can read more about it on my Diary post here: http://probioticsyall.com/why-is-ee-superior/

The ingredients in ether elixir™ are REAL!  And easy to pronounce (I mean, cardamom can be a tricky one, but still). Just read the back of our bottle.

The flavors are FUN.  And how often is health food entertaining? ether elixir™ tastes like something you WANT to drink – not something your mom is making you drink.

ether elixir™ is low in sugar and has no added sugar. 6 grams. Just sayin’. Check it.


PS – I am soooooo not a doctor. I have a lame bachelor’s degree from a state college where I attended night school. These statements have not been approved by the FDA, although if they’re reading this, hi, hello! On an utterly unrelated note, ever heard of Google? I double-dog dare you to fact check me.